Terms & Conditions


Welcome to the ASUS Recycling Programme designed for businesses and schools. Our program offers a valuable service to recycle your outgoing hardware while providing an opportunity to offset the cost of your new ASUS equipment. To ensure a smooth process and maximize the value you receive, please carefully review the following Terms and Conditions (T&Cs):


1. Equipment Valuation: 
a. The value of your equipment will be assessed based on its age, cosmetic condition, and functionality. 
b. To secure maximum value, the equipment should be fully working, without any faults or damage.

2. Damaged or Faulty Equipment: 
a. We accept damaged or faulty equipment for recycling, however it may not carry a value. 
b. Please note that the valuation of such equipment will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

3. Apple Equipment: 
a. Apple devices should be released from any Mobile Device Management (MDM) software. 
b. Devices should be logged out of iCloud and Apple ID, and remove any user PIN, facial, or fingerprint security features.
c. Activation locked, iCloud locked, MDM and security locked devices, that can not be released, will carry a zero value.

4. PCs and Laptops: 
a. PCs and laptops must be free of BIOS locks and released from any MDM management. 
b. BIOS / MDM locked machines, that can not be released, will carry a zero value.

5. Android Devices: 
a. Android devices should be logged out of Google accounts and released from any MDM management..
b. FRP locked and MDM locked machines, that can not be released, will carry a zero value.

6. Chromebooks: 
a. Chromebooks should be released from enterprise management.
b. Managed Chromebooks that can not be released will carry a zero value.

7. Battery and Power Supply: 
a. Laptops, MacBooks, tablets, and mobile phones should have fully working batteries. 
b. Laptops and MacBooks should be supplied with a working power supply to secure maximum valuation.

8. Data Destruction and GDPR Compliance: 
a. FREE data destruction – hard drives will be removed from machines and wiped on dedicated HDD wipe machines with GDPR-compliant data destruction certificates provided at the end of the project.
b. Drives that can not be removed from machines will be wiped in situ and a certificate provided.
c. HDD that fails digital data destruction will be removed and destroyed free of charge.

9. Ownership Transfer: 
a. Upon acceptance of the valuation, you confirm the transfer of ownership to the recycling provider.

10. Compliance with WEEE Directive: 
a. All equipment will be securely transported and processed in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive.

11. Collection of Equipment: 
a. FREE collections will be provided for qualifying volumes of 25 working units and above
b. Smaller volume collections can still be submitted, these will be collected in combination with other small collections, or by a secure their party collection courier.


By participating in the ASUS Recycling Program, you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions. We appreciate your commitment to sustainability and responsible disposal of electronic devices. For any further inquiries or clarification, please contact our dedicated customer support team.